I have never known a more helpful and friendly garage. they are the most approachable and honest car dealers I have ever met. I travelled over an hour to buy the car from Autopoint and I would do it again. I would recommend this garage to anyone and everyone, even if it meant travelling. As an example, the car I bought was in excellent condition. A few age related scratches but absolutely no issues other than that. The car developed a minor issue on my way home, something that they could not have been aware of at point of sale. I was given a courtesy car and the issue was fixed as a priority. They even travelled to Leeds with the car to deliver it back to me and collect the courtesy car. I was not put out of my way in any way at any point. Since then the car has been a dream. I have had a diagnostic check done and it has zero faults. For a car that is approximately 8 years old, that is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this garage. Highly recommended.